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The Muddy Guide: What’s On 17 – 23 Feb

14 Feb 2017

Art, eats, beats and other treats and some fun things to book ahead in this week’s Muddy Guide. There’s theatre, exhibitions, a quiz night, dragon dancing and a chance to eat four puddings in one sitting! Don’t forget there are more family-friendly ideas – over 25 in fact – in my Half Term Guide.

Transferences: Sidney Nolan in Britain, Pallant House Gallery, Chichester, Sat 18 Feb – 4 Jun

This is a major exhibition marking the centenary of the birth of Australian-born artist Sir Sidney Nolan (1917 – 1992), a leading figure of international 20th century art who experimented with a wide range of materials.

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Blue Camel inclusive club night

14 Feb 2017

If you know a young adult with learning disabilities within range of Brighton and they don’t know about Blue Camel Club then do them a favour and introduce them to these great nights with bands, DJs, films and more.

The concept is simple – a good non-patronising night out where people with learning disabilities and their friends can enjoy themselves in a safe, friendly environment.

Blue Camel is run by arts charity Carousel.

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Early Bird Muddy Summer Festival Guide – Book now!

12 Jan 2017

The festival season feels a long, long way off right now (although we wouldn’t say no to a pear cider if you’re offering) but these days you’ve got to book mega early if you want to be happy campers come summer. Many of the biggies sell out in a flash – has anyone managed to score Glastonbury tickets in years? But the good news is lots of the local events still have availability, plus most of them are family friendly.

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Muddy Reviews: Sunny Afternoon, Theatre Royal, Brighton

14 Dec 2016

I once got chatting to a British expat who had lived in Australia for nearly three decades. She told me that for the first few homesick years she would burst into tears whenever she heard The Kinks’ Waterloo Sunset.

It may seem strange that a song with the opening lyric ‘Dirty old river…’ could have that effect on someone who could now spend her weekends on Bondi Beach but I wasn’t surprised; Waterloo Sunset is one of my own Desert Island Discs (I just know I’ll get the call from the BBC any day now…) and Ray Davies who penned it is a genius songwriter.

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Eclectic radio you can work to

23 Nov 2016

Are you one of those annoying people who can actually concentrate and do desk work with the radio on? I have a friend who even claims to produce coherent sentences with the TV burbling away in the background.

If I’m doing a bit of web research or uploading some pictures I love having the radio on – BBC 6 Music with a smattering of Radio 4 is my choice. But somehow even years of filtering out other people’s conversations in an open plan office still haven’t given me the ability to structure a paragraph if a DJ’s talking, and if there’s a song I know entering my earholes then my brain (if not my mouth) just can’t resist singing along.

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Muddy Eats: Skyfall, Hove

5 Oct 2016

Nope, not a chance of seeing Daniel Craig here – at least not until he reads my review and finds out how good it is. Nothing at all to do with 007 except a little homage in the phone number but it does give you a licence to eat, drink and be merry.

Skyfall celebrated its first birthday this summer. It describes itself as a ‘restaurant and live music lounge’ with performers on  Thurs, Fri and Sat evenings and Sun afternoons.

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My favourite places: Republica’s Saffron Sprackling

14 Sep 2016

Republica frontwoman Saffron Sprackling, most famous for nineties hits Ready to Go and Drop Dead Gorgeous is headlining ISFEST at Isfield in East Sussex this weekend – a fundraising event which features ten singers and bands with local connections. Saffron, who grew up in Sussex, spoke to Muddy Stilettos about her favourite places in the county.

Birling Gap

My favourite place in the whole world, that inspires me, is Birling Gap on the coast and Cuckmere Haven.

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Family friendly festival – Together the People, 3 & 4 Sept

29 Aug 2016

A couple of years back The Beach Boys were responsible for one of the worst hangovers of my life. They were the surprise act at the opening party for a Fifties and Sixties themed hotel where I was staying in Orlando and I got so caught up in the feel-good music that I missed the entire buffet (most unlike me) and consequently drank far too much on an empty stomach.

Now, founder member Brian Wilson is set to perform at Together the People in Brighton’s Preston Park, including, for its 50th anniversary, the entire Beach Boys’ Pet Sounds album (you know, the one that’s always in the top three in lists of the most influential albums of all time).

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Edinburgh Fringe – How to get the best from the fest

19 Jul 2016

‘Debbie’s Work of Obsession’ – that’s how my husband rudely labelled the top of my DIY Edinburgh Fringe timetable last year. Still, I didn’t hear him complaining when we got to see 15 shows in three days without even getting up early. (It would have been 17 if it hadn’t been for a couple of pesky venue changes – not that I’m still bitter).

I’m a huge Fringe fan and go every year so I thought I’d share with you my tips for getting the best out of the Fest.

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Black Dove, Kemptown: cocktails & DJs meet Victoriana

21 Jun 2016

When a few Saturdays back my husband said he wanted to take a dusk picture of the Brighton Wheel before it was dismantled, I made preparations. I knew from experience this would be no selfie with a smart phone but at least an hour of experimenting with different tripod positions and shutter speeds. So, I brought along some reading matter and planned a nearby bar for my pay-off after.

The bar in question was The Black Dove in Kemptown.

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