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The inside track on Toronto

3 Nov 2016

Toronto might not be top of the list for North American city breaks but if you’re lucky enough to be heading to Canada anytime soon for some skiing or wildlife viewing (one day I see those polar bears at Churchill – sigh) and you’re stopping over, then check out this insider’s guide. It’s written by Pippa up at Muddy Herts who has friends and family out there so knows all the best places to hang out. 

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Adventurous new flights from Gatwick

7 Feb 2016


From most places in the county a Gatwick flight is going to be a holiday clincher. But while flying from right here in Sussex is  handier than Heathrow, if you’re after something a bit more adventurous than a fly-and-flop in the sun, your choice is pretty limited.

So, much excitement at Chez Muddy when we heard that British Airways was introducing direct flights from Gatwick to both Peru and Costa Rica from May.

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The Urban Guide to the Countryside -
Sussex Edition