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The best houseplants for every room

We’re all over the natural interiors trend but it’s safe to say we prefer more civilised ways to ‘bring the outdoors in’ than the usual trail of muddy footprints up the stairs. Instead we’ve been brightening our interiors up with houseplants.

Once a staple of any respectable 80s household (anybody remember polishing yukka leaves? Just us?) houseplants are currently the hottest interiors accessory and show no signs of going away – unless you forget to water them of course.

Houseplant on table

A well-placed bit of greenery can transform a space, and houseplants are known to improve your mood and productivity. They can even purify the air around you, creating an all round healthier home.

Turn your home into a green oasis with our roundup of the best houseplants for every room – plus tips from Squire’s Garden Centres on keeping your plants alive!


White bathroom with plants

A Boston Fern or Dragon Tree will provide feathery green fronts of delight while you lather, rinse and repeat. Both thrive in humid conditions, need lots of moisture and will purify the air for you in return. Or try a Peace Lily, tropical evergreens that love getting hot and steamy and are pretty low maintenance.


Large window with houseplants

This is the only time we will recommend this but a Mother In Laws Tongue is the perfect choice for your boudoir. We can’t believe we just wrote that either, but it’s the ideal choice for its useful habit of purifying the air by day and releasing oxygen at night. If even the name of this hardy sharp-edged plant (other monikers include ‘snake plant’ or ‘viper’s bowstring hemp’ and, er, we’d better stop now) is too off-putting for you, a delicate weeping fig or spider plant will do the job nicely. And much, much less acerbically.


Aloe Vera plant

Aloe, Vera! Pop this succulent somewhere handy and not only will you be able to admire its spiky green goodness, but also you can squeeze out some of its wonder-juice to soothe sunburn, heal wounds and treat all manner of skin ailments. If it looks lonely all by itself, add cacti or a cute cascading turtle plant.


Pictures hanging on wall and plans on shelf

It’s a jungle out there, so bring a touch of the exotic to your space with Elephant’s Ear, Kentia Palm and Monkey Leaf. As well as being excitingly named, these plants all boast striking foliage, as does the Swiss Cheese Plant.

How to keep your houseplants alive

It’s a source of constant amazement to us that we can keep small children alive, but struggle with houseplants. We’ve rounded up these tips from the team at Squires Garden Centres on how to look after your plants.

Don’t overwater. Wait until the compost feels dry, and make sure all excess water drains away.

Only feed your plants during growing season – March to September. In winter your plants will be dormant. Do not feed during this time.

Repot after a year or two into a pot that’s a couple of sizes larger to allow for growth. Use multipurpose, houseplant or loam-based compost.


(psst. If you’re quick you can still take advantage of 20% off houseplants at Squires Garden Centre in Washington, until Feb 17)

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