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Led by Dr Katie Armstrong, Clinic51 is a women’s health and menopause service with a firm focus on getting you to feel like yourself again.

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Not sure where to turn for support and guidance, if menopause symptoms are getting you down? Clinic51 is a doctor-led clinic, where specialist women’s health GP’s are able to spend time with and listen to women to help them find the right solution for them – whether it’s trying HRT, alternative therapies, or a combination of the two.

It was set up by Dr Katie Armstrong – a charismatic and caring medic who is laser focused on getting women to feel their best at every stage of life, including during the menopause. She and her team of doctors work alongside a handpicked group of wellness experts – all offering treatments and classes that are evidenced to be of benefit to women during this stage of life.

Some consultations are online but the majority take place in the beautiful barn between Chichester and Petworth which also plays host to an array of events including calming meditation and yoga sessions as well as nutritional advice and talks.

What it’s certainly not about is experts who prance around in designer gym wear. Clinic51 is a place where women can relax and connect with each other, and share how they’re feeling, as well as take on the guidance from experts who know exactly what they’re going through. Ensuring every women who passes through its doors listened to, informed and in control.

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The Black Barn, Dye House Lane, Duncton, Petworth, GU28 0LF


01798 667151

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