Harvey’s Brewery, Lewes

Lager than life! This East Sussex brewery has been crafting exceptional beers since the 17th century and now offers a distinctive range of beers as well as tours and tastings.

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Ale yeah! This is the brewery you want to head to and indulge in one of their special brewery tours to understand the level of perfectionism that goes into every pint. Considering Harvey’s Brewery was established in 1790, they’ve had centuries of practice at crafting exceptional beers but not only that, they honour British brewing traditions and expertise.

You’re invited to join them on the beer journey while on a special tour at their Lewes venue, that will take you through the start of things with the humble grain to the final pour into a gleaming glass rich in taste and heritage, it’s very much all about the quality here.

While on an engaging brewery tour, you will step behind the scenes and get up close to the art of brewing and learn about the locally sourced ingredients and hand-crafted methods that create the range of beers.

Expert guides will take you on a tour around the historic Lewes premises and encourage you to immerse yourself in the world of Harvey’s brewing and appreciate why the demand for these local, sustainable, and independent beers is so high!

A visit is perfect for a birthday celebration, trip with your partner or a Sussex day out for any beer lover.

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