Sage & Strong, various locations across Sussex

These spiritual and physical workshops, retreats and events take a 360 approach to your wellbeing offering a powerful combination of experiences to soothe your mind and your soul. Sounds bliss, right?

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Reducing stress and soothing yourself into a serene state of mind and well, body too is no easy feat. But Sage & Strong specialise in this joining forces with the best experts and instructors in each field to curate workshops with a holistic approach to health.

How is this achieved I hear you ask? Through a variety of activities each with their own power to put you into a positive headspace while helping you chill out – and don’t we all need some of that!

Physical activities on offer include yoga, walking and dancing while the emotional activities cover meditation, sound bathing and journaling. There’s even exercises in ‘nature immersions’ roughly translated it’s really about connecting in a new way with the world around us to help us relax, in essence, modern mindfulness. There are even sessions dedicated to being silent. Much harder and also, more rewarding than you’d think!

It’s all about giving you a complete life MOT, some retreats factor in a unique ceremony (more chill than corporate, don’t worry) dedicated to intention setting, manifesting and, best of all, letting go. It’s of no surprise that proper nutrient-rich food is served at every event, with organic meals on offer. 

They’ve made it their mission to ‘reconnect you to your inner power and wisdom’ essentially it’s your fast track route to rejuvenation and well, less stress. And couldn’t we all do with that? 

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