Valentine Voice Care, Lewes

A sanctuary in East Sussex, dedicated to the care and support of the voice via a 360 holistic approach.

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Unless you use your voice professionally it’s easy to forget how vital it is until you lose it – whether you’re constantly having to clear your throat, experiencing difficulty swallowing, have lost control of your singing voice or suffered a change in your speech due to injury or illness, Voice Care Practitioner Kate Valentine’s centre, Valentine Voice Care in Lewes, East Sussex, has been lovingly curated to help you. 

The centre offers a wealth of services supporting vocal health, from vocal massage to nutrition, counselling to osteopathy, taking a 360 approach to your vocal wellbeing. Specialising in vocal health triage, vocal massage and laryngeal manual therapy, vocal health management and injury prevention, Kate has seen first hand the impact a sudden loss of voice can have on people. 

At Valentine Voice Care each practitioner has a deep understanding of the importance of voice and will work closely alongside clients, listening with their eyes, ears and hands to get to the root of your vocal issue and guide you back to a reality you feel comfortable with.  They can teach you how your voice functions, build you a solid and sustainable technical foundation, show you how to care for your voice, give you tools to address any psychological issues which may be hindering you, and alleviate tension and pain. 

Kate and her team of what-she’s-dubbed ‘Vocal Avengers’ are posied to protect and support you.

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The Old Coach House, Castle Ditch Lane, Lewes, United Kingdom, BN7 1YJ




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